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Grade 9 Asian Studies with Mr. GALVEZ!

This course is an in depth examination into the historical development of modern Asia. Our study will focus on China, India, Indochina (Vietnam and Cambodia). We will also weave in connections with Japan, North and South Korea, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and other parts of Asia. Students will have opportunities to pursue some individual interests about other countries of east, south, southeast and west Asia. There will be an emphasis on current events with our goal being to understand political, economic, environmental, geographic, and social terms as they relate to Asian countries, the challenges Asian countries face today, and trends in Asia. There will be 4 thematic units of study:

Unit 1- Geography & Identity
Unit 2- Beliefs & Values
Unit 3- Power & Conflict
Unit 4- Change & Modern Society (This wiki space will be used during this 4th unit)

Each unit culminates with a final assessment that focuses on developing and improving a certain academic skill along with showing understanding the unit's content. The following skills are developed during the units:

Unit 1- Expository Essay Writing & Paragraph Structure (Critical Thinking, Creativity, Info Fluency, Tech Competency)
Unit 2- Group Work and Collaboration (Collaboration, Creativity & Design, Info Fluency)
Unit 3- Formal Oral Presentation & Timed Writing (Communication, Creativity & Design, Info Fluency. Collaboration, Tech Competency)
Unit 4- Research and Debate (Critical Thinking & Problem Solving, Info Fluency, Communication, Collaboration, Tech Competency)

This Wiki will allow you to collaborate, share information and research, and have discussions with each other about all elements of the course when you are not physically together inside the classroom. How the overall usage of the space will evolve will depend on the creative ideas of both the students and teacher. Remember, that as a member you have the ability to edit, add to, and change any page. Just be sure your additions/changes are appropriate. Please don't delete anything without checking with the teacher or original contributer first unless there is a blatant error.

Lastly, it is hoped that the Wiki will become an excellent revision resource for you when you study for class exams.

Click here for an overview about the use of Facebook in the course.

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